Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Ground School

Saturday November 19th
9:00am to 3:00pm


This course will focus on the written component of the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems flight standards and will be useful for students passing their required Part 107 FAA examination.


Cost to the student:  $595   ($445 for class and $150 for testing fee)
Includes the study guide, 2017 FAR/AIM regulation handbook and testing fee.


Topics Covered Include
Airspace Classification, Operating Requirements and Flight Restrictions
Aviation Weather Sources
Effects of Weather on Small Unmanned Aircraft Performance
Emergency Procedures
Crew Resource Management
Radio Communication Procedures
Determining the Performance of Small Unmanned Aircraft
Physiological Factors Affecting Pilot Performance
Aeronautical Decision-Making and Judgement
Airport Operations
Maintenance and Preflight Inspection Procedures


Due to FAA regulations, there will not be any drones allowed on airport facilities.  All time spent will be classroom oriented.


Upon completion of the course, students may schedule the written test at their convenience.


Students can register by visiting www.NashvilleFlightTraining.com and clicking on STORE.
Class will be limited to 30 attendees.